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Kostas Pardalis

Who Am I

My happy face

Hey there and Welcome to my space.

I'm Kostas, an engineer turned into entrepreneur who loves to build products and companies around data.

Currently I'm the founder of a new company that I'm super excited about. Our goal is to change the way we think abou data and data infrastructure. For more on that check Typedef.

Previously I was at Starburst Data where I worked with an amazing team on the core technology Trino behind the platform.

Before that I was the Head of Product at RudderStack where I was building data infrastructure for Customer Data.

Even further back in the past, I was the CEO and co-founder of Blendo a Cloud ELT product. Blendo got acquired by RudderStack.

And before that, I was doing research in Semantic Web while freelancing as a software engineer.

I stopped worrying about the future of RDF and Owl but my love for data, how to structure it and how to use it to represent the world, remained.